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We are a small game studio based on Sweden with the purpose of creating the more jaw-dropping games out there! We also create tools to make game development easier for everyone.

Our Assets

Here you can find a list of our assets made for Unity.

Avesta: Tilemap Generator

Prata: Simple and Fast Dialog System

Pointo: Blueprints for RTS game

  • Simple Blueprints for Real Time Strategy (RTS) games that will help with some basic mechanics: selecting Units and move them around to collect different resources.

    Asset Store [FREE]


Our Proyects

Here you can find a list of the proyects we have made.

Faroz: The Beginning

An intern soldier on his new day who is the last resort to defeat the enemy. With NO experience he is super afraid and his hands are shaking constantly, making it a challenge to aim properly.

Dual: Beyond the line

After an accident, Sam is trapped in this strange world. Help him explore and escape from it before it's too late.

Heist: Armaggeddon

Third person multiplayer shooter. Team 1: Cops need to eliminate all thiefs. Team 2: Thiefs that need to pack the money into the bag and escape in the vehicle.

El Llamo 3D

First person multiplayer shooter. Kill enemies and use their corpses as shields!


2D Platformer where the player can grab and throw items, earn stamina with each kill and get a power up to help defeat even more enemies!


2D Roguelike where you play as an orc. With randomly generated levels, kill humans and tore them apart.


2D platformer where you play as a llama. Grab different powers and defeat randomly generated levels.

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