First of all, I would like to personally thank you for trying out this asset!

What is Avesta?

Avesta is an easy-to-use random Tilemap Generator Tool. For now it has 2 different algorithms to generate tilemaps: Cellular Automata and Game of Life. This is not a replacement for a normal Tilemap, it’s a creative tool to start designing your world!

Start using Avesta


First of all, make sure you have a Rectangular Tilemap in your Scene by right clicking on your Hierarchy, 2D Object -> Tilemap -> Rectangular. This will create a GameObject with a Grid script attached to it and with a child GameObject with a Tilemap component attached.

After that, you need to drag either one of our Prefabs (CellularAutomata and Game of Life) to the Scene. Click the added prefab to see it on the Inspector.

In the Inspector you need to drag your Tilemap to the “Top Map” field and then your Rule Tile (or any other Tile you would like to use) on the “Top Tile”. Play with some settings and click “Generate Map” to see the results.

The “Save Map” button creates a new Prefab from the current settings on a new folder “Assets/Prefabs/Maps/Generated/” with a distinctive name or alternatively you can name the prefab using the “Map Name” field on the Inspector. After saving you can just Drag and Drop that prefab on any scene and use it as a normal Tilemap.

The “Clear Map” button just resets the Tilemap to it’s basic state (as just created).

There’s an optional “Bottom Tilemap” section which we think it’s helpful when you want to have a layer for the ground and a background layer for water for example.

Finally you can drag and drop your character inside the map and play around. We provide 2 sample scripts for a simple player movement and a camera follow so you can test around your newly created map!

Placing Objects

We imagined that you would like to place objects on your Tilemap and this has never been as simple as with Avesta! Attach the MapObjectPlacer script to your Map Generator game object.

Drag your objects on the fields and play around with the weight. The bigger the weight, the more chances it has to appear. Adjust your Object Fill Percent for the total amount of objects to place and finally press the Place Objects button.

Wrapping up!

Now you are set to start your own game! Play around with the settings in the inspector and come up with great worlds!

The possibilities of expansion are endless! Just use the Tilemap as usual afterwards to place different objects and tiles to tweak your world as it fits better.

Thanks again for trying Avesta! If you are curious about what else we have, check more of our content in our Shop on the Asset Store!

For any further question not covered here feel free to contact us at support@berserkpixel.studio